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About Ann

I believe we are a Soul having a Physical experience, and our Western world has not done a good job of teaching us how to connect and communicate with our Soul and the unseen world, leaving us handicapped and not accessing all of our skills and abilities as a Human. I am excited to help guide you on this part of your journey. 

My passion is to teach others to tap into their own connection to their higher self and learn to listen to their own inner voice.

Ann Coughlin

​I am a Certified Ro-Hun Therapist (since 1988), Psychic Senses Teacher (since 1986), and Certified in reading Akashic Record (since 2016). My journey started in the Catholic Church which led me to receive a BA degree in Theology from The College of St. Benedict’s (1980). I studied for 19 years under a Master Teacher, learning about Native American teachings and Zen Buddhism.  I have utilized my Intuitive skills for 38 years working as a Human Resources Professional in Fortune 50 companies in the Banking, High Tech, and Healthcare fields.

My Journey

Certified in
Ro Hun Therapy
Began Study of  Native American Spirituality/Ceremony
Began HR Career
Instructor of Psychic Skills
Past life and Meet Spirit Guides
Akashic Records Reader

Education and Certifications

RoHun Therapist 


I became certified as a Rohun Therapist by the Delphi School of Spiritual Studies in 1988 by founder Patricia Hayes at Delphi University of Spiritual Studies.

Akashic Records 


I became an Akashic reader for others in 2016 after graduating from a course offered by Kathy Monaghan at To Know Yourself and I now offer group or individual readings.

Free Soul Instructor

I became certified as a Free Soul Instructor to develop psychic abilities.

Meditate at the beach

Join me in a free group meditation!

> Increasing self-awareness
> Increase imagination & creativity
> Reduce negative emotions
> Increase patience
> Destress

Just come as you are and I'll guide you and the group through a meditation.

> Zoom session at Dear New Subscriber,
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I encourage you to check out the Free Guided Meditation offered.  This will give you first hand experience of the doors that will be opened to your Soul as you work with Ann. Join us at:
1ST and 3rd Wed of each month at 7:00pm (PT)
JOIN ZOOM meeting at:

Meeting ID: 304 925 7143

Hope to see you then, or sign up for an individual session with Ann for an Akashic Records reading,
RoHun Session,  Meet your Spirit Guides or a Past Life Regression

Check out the website at

All my best,
Ann Coughlin
> 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month
> At 7 pm PT
> About 1 hr

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