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Intuitive Guide

Tap into your own connection to your higher self and learn to listen to your own inner voice.
I'm here to help you answer those questions and teach you how to communicate with your own SOUL.


Are you seeking answers for yourself and want to go deeper into the Spiritual Side of your life?

You may have questions such as:

> Why am I Here?

> What is my Purpose?

> Why can't I unfold what I am looking for in my life?

Where to Start

Connect with your Soul and be guided through a healing process on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level so you can unfold the things you seek for yourself.



Experience personalized and focused healing sessions that address emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects, promoting balance and well-being through energy work and spiritual guidance tailored to your unique needs.


Retreats, Gatherings,
& Ceremonies

Join a supportive and transformative group setting where you'll explore energy healing techniques, deepen your spiritual awareness, and connect with like-minded individuals on a journey of self-discovery and holistic healing.



Enroll in enriching and empowering classes where we'll dive into your physical and spiritual senses to uncover your inner self and the interconnected nature of existence.


"All of the work I did with Ann helped me to discover and unfold my gifts. She helped me learn to trust myself and to bring more of my gifts into my daily life. I highly recommend her."

James, Washington, USA

Ann Coughlin.webp

Hello, I'm Ann

I'm so glad that your journey has led you here.

I believe we are a Soul having a Physical experience.

Our Western world has not done a good job of teaching us how to connect and communicate with our Soul and the unseen world, leaving us handicapped and not accessing all of our skills and abilities as a Human.

I am excited to help guide you on this part of your journey. 

Meditate at the beach

Join me in a free group meditation!

> Increasing self-awareness
> Increase imagination & creativity
> Reduce negative emotions
> Increase p
> De-stress

> Develop deeper relationship with your Spirit Guides

> Receive/offer healing to self /others

Just come as you are and I'll guide you and the group through a meditation.

Zoom Link:

> 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month
> At 6:00 pm PT
> About 1 hr

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